Art Class

Wednesday Class:  Students can paint with Acrylics or Oils.  Most demos are Acrylics.

Thursday Class: Watercolors, Drawing and some Experimental Mixed Media Techniques.

Projects in both class are painted from Photos, Life and Imagination.

Classes vary with "Paint-A-Long" Projects, "Theme related" Projects and "Open" Classes (Students paint whatever they choose).

Projects usually take 3-4 weeks to complete.

New projects start at the beginning of each month.

Students are encouraged to "make it their own" by changing things to their liking.

Friday Night Class: A Paint-A-Long class. Most projects are Acrylics, but occasionally some are Watercolors or Oils. Students are furnished everything to complete the project and they take home a finished painting.

Newcomers are welcome to "Visit" and observe a class before joining.

E-mail:  for Class Schedule and Supply list.

Hope you can join us!!